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Submission + - Website Design and its planning

abhidworx writes: Website design is a very critical aspect of website development. Digital Worx is a website development company that offers customized solutions for website designing. A website has to be carefully planned before it is ready for final execution. A website has basically three to four integral parts namely header,content, and footer. The header basically contains an image related to the website. A header can have many images related to website. Normally five six images is a good norm. The header is followed by the navigation links of the website like the home, about us, products, services etc. The content portion contains basically the written content of website like a small brief from company profile, a small brief from product section etc. The footer contains the basic links of website, copyright information etc. A website with color scheme, graphics and images and relevant content will always get you more visitors as content is the king when it comes to search engine rank of website
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Website Design and its planning

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