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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Where should a geek's charitable donations go? 5

An anonymous reader writes: I'm in the position to direct (or at least suggest the direction of) a fairly large amount of charitable donation on behalf of a foundation interested in promoting education. As a lifelong geek, I'd like to see some of this money directed toward organizations involved in things geeks like (e.g. spreading technology in education to those without it, improving the use of technology for those who have it, etc.). If it was up to you, what charitable organizations would you support and why?
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Ask Slashdot: Where should a geek's charitable donations go?

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  • The world call us "geeks" because the world at large do not feel that comfortable when we are around.

    The world laugh at us geeks because they do not understand - actually, they do not have the brain capacity to understand - the thoughts that we have in between our ears.

    When things go smoothly, the world pad themselves on their back. Have they once thank us?

    No, they never bother to thank us, the geeks, for inventing all the cool things, from air-condition to iPAD to the cool games they love so much.

    But when

  • by dpilot ( 134227 )

    Electronic Frontier Foundation

    I remember a few years back when Wil Wheaton was on a celebrity episode of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" with other Trek actors, his stated charity was the EFF.

    Of course that made Slashdot.

  • Not tooting my own horn, but I can recommend checking out The Geek Group ( They're a group in Grand Rapids, Michigan that operates a 47k sq. ft. facility where they do pretty much all geeky things (operate the largest currently functioning Tesla Coils, run a trio of CNC machines, a full laser lab, chemistry lab, computer lab (repair and sales), high energy physics lab, recording studio, A/V editing facility, electronics lab & museum). They also run a couple YouTube channels (h
  • Thinking as a global option consider tropical worms, water quality and simple drugs that can change a community.
    The drugs are cheap, no patent anymore and dont need fancy electrical power for cooling or vast amounts of cash.
    A health worker can get a community back to school or work and keep tracking the needs over years.
    If your thinking locally:
    Vast amounts of nearly new or less new quality hardware is donated by people doing good, wanting to be seen to be doing good or for tax reasons.
    The problem is t
  • Wikimedia Foundation, and the Free Software Foundation. Politics aside, they both promote worthy ideals.

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