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An anonymous reader writes: Despite being created during World War I, the modern carrier has evolved to be the pinnacle of modern warfare's best and most visible symbols of power. Nothing says 'show the flag' more than a carrier off an enemies coast.

Some though have called the carrier a 21st Century version of a battleship — high on looks and weapons but can be taken down by modern weapons. Critics note air-power killed the battleship, people now suggest super-sonic 'carrier-killer' missiles will make the carrier a relic of the past. With their cost in the billions of dollars, some point to killing off carriers as an obvious cost saving measure.

Carriers though still have a lot of uses. Many navies like India and China are adding them to their arsenal and they are still feared by many. While carriers might be old, they are a symbol of power that no missile or submarine below the surface can match yet.

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Why Aircraft Carriers Still Rule the Oceans

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