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Chas writes: "As reported earlier, NCSoft has announced the impending closure of the City of Heroes superheroic MMO. So that's it. The end. Finis. Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Or is it?

Apparently they didn't reckon with a community that's spent the better part of a decade fighting evil and myriad world-ending threats. Now the citizens of Paragon City are stepping up to bat again. The stakes? The end of the world.

In a surprisingly civil and well coordinated effort, thousands of City of Heroes players have come together in a campaign to convince NCSoft that City of Heroes is worth saving. With online events, letter-writing campaigns, presence in social media and an online petition that's now in excess of 17,000 signatures. On top of that, they're seeing support from various people with some celebrity of their own such as Neil Gaiman, Felicia Day, and Mercedes Lackey.

So, while saving this game is still probably a long shot, many people, including those in the media, think that this group might just be able to save the day."

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Can the City of Heroes save... itself?

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  • Yes, a lot of the cynical ones are probably going "Rent to pwn. You knew what you were getting into."

    The game, while an outstanding one, and a benchmark for its genre, is secondary to the actual communities that have grown up in the game over the last eight-plus years. The fact that the still-profitable game was whacked in a bean-counting exercise just makes it hurt more.

    And while, initially, there was a lot of anger and disappointment going in NCSoft's direction, it's generally understood that they did w

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