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Submission + - Journalist goes undercover making the iPhone 5 at Foxconn (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The news feeds will be filled with talk of the iPhone today, and most of it is probably going to be positive. However, the Chinese new agency Shanghai Evening Post has posted a pretty scathing review of the working conditions at Foxconn, and in particular the iPhone 5 production line.

The agency managed to get one of its reporters a job working undercover in a Foxconn factory where the iPhone 5 is being manufactured for Apple. He spent 10 days there and then wrote up the entire experience to demonstrate just how bad it is for the thousands of workers Foxconn employs.

In summary, the dorms are infested with cockroaches, smell of sweat and foam, and only offer dirty sheets. Facilities are mostly free, but rundown and in need of serious attention. Working conditions are just as bad. Loud machinery and the smell of plastic fills the air while the journalist had to accurately place (within 5mm) one oil dot on an iPhone 5 every 3 seconds for 10 hours. Rinse and repeat. Add to that the 7-day intensive training and 70 penalties that can be incurred compared to the mere 13 rewards that can be earned, and you have a very stressful environment.

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Journalist goes undercover making the iPhone 5 at Foxconn

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