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Submission + - Inventor cultivates no-mow, easy-grow grass (

schwit1 writes: After more than ten years of experimenting with thousands of seeds, Jackson Madnick cultivated Pearl’s Premium — a specific mix of red fescue, tall fescue, sheep fescue and other grasses.

It’s all in the grassroots. Pearl’s Premium develops 12- to14-inch roots and pulls water from underground, meaning it requires a quarter as much water as comparable grasses.

“It grows slow so you only have to mow it every four or six weeks,” he said. “And if you don’t mow it, it flips over and becomes a meadow.”

Madnick began experimenting with different grasses because he wanted to create environmentally sustainable lawns. “I took a weekend course on water management and learned that the number one enemy of ponds is fertilizer” He wanted a healthy alternative to a chemically-maintained lawn — deemed one of the "most toxic areas in your home" by Health Magazine.

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Inventor cultivates no-mow, easy-grow grass

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