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Submission + - 4chan undergoing major revision, getting public API (boingboing.net) 1

AdmiralXyz writes: Even the darkest corners of the internet aren't immune to the Web 2.0 boom: BoingBoing reports that 4chan is working on the largest codebase update in its history. The new 4chan will include as standard the functionality of popular browser plugins for using the site, as well as a JSON API so- hooray?- anyone can have immediate access to the contents of 4chan for any purpose they like. This represents a significant update to the heretofore haphazard development process of 4chan, and opens up the possibility of third-party 4chan apps... though probably not on the App Store.
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4chan undergoing major revision, getting public API

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  • by aez ( 2725227 )
    4chan has always been kinda cool because it's so impermanent. This will allow someone to log all of 4chan if they were so inclined. I wouldn't be surprised if an archive was setup within 2 weeks. I mean, it's just 4chan, but it's kind of unnerving because the effect is going to be widespread across all 4chan users.

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