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Submission + - Windows Phone 8 SDK - By Appointment Only (

mikejuk writes: Developers worried about the changes that might be waiting for them in the new Windows Phone 8 API are going to have to wait even longer to find out. Microsoft has just announced that the SDK will be available soon, but only to the developers it approves.
If you already have a published app, then you can apply to be part of the program but the announcement says:
"But I do want to set your expectations that program access will be limited."
The public SDK will be made available "later this year" which is behind the time table that developers were led to expect.
As you can imagine, the developer community, judging by the comment stream, is less than happy.
What makes this whole strange development even more strange, is that the announcement was made on the day Nokia previewed a range of WP8 devices.
The Nokia launch got most of the publicity, so perhaps the idea was that a little negative news wouldn't be noticed.
The real question is, why the limited availability?
Is there some dark secret lurking in the SDK?

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Windows Phone 8 SDK - By Appointment Only

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