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Submission + - Bruce Willis not taking on Apple over iTunes (blogspot.ca)

quantr writes: ""Reports that veteran Hollywood actor Bruce Willis is reportedly looking to take on Apple in a bid to pass on his vast music collection to his children after his death have been disputed. The claims, which were originally reported by The Daily Mail have been debunked by Willis' wife via Twitter.

Emma Hemming has taken to Twitter to pour cold water on the claims made by British media earlier today that her husband Bruce Willis was considering legal action against Apple over the rights to his iTunes account after his death. She said in a tweet that the report made by the Daily Mail is "not a true story."
The "Die Hard" star, in between escaping from terrorist captors and blowing things up, has spent thousands on his iTunes collection across a number of iPods and wants to leave it to his children in the event of his death.
Willis was reportedly concerned that the rights to his music collection will be passed back to Apple, entitling his children to nothing. It may have been falsely reported that the actor was looking to set up trusts to act as legal "holders" of the music.
When you download a music track from the iTunes Store, you are in effect renting that contentindefinitely under license. It's not just Apple, however. Retail giant Amazon applies similar terms to its music and e-book store offerings.""

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Bruce Willis not taking on Apple over iTunes

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