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Submission + - Archos Gamepad: The Android console market gets crowded ( 1

romiz writes: For years, handheld consoles were a domain where Nintendo reigned without contestation. SEGA and Atari failed in this market, and despite all its efforts Sony remains a distant second. But it is perhaps the end of the closed gaming device.

Until now, the lack of physical controls and the high price was preventing the trending tablets from entering this market. But Archos, a veteran tablet maker, is announcing a 7" Android tablet with physical gaming controls for the end of October. At 150€, it will be compatible with existing Android games. As with Ouya in the living room, Android devices are being opposed to the traditional consoles. Can they really propose an open alternative for game developpers ?

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Archos Gamepad: The Android console market gets crowded

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  • As much as I hate to say this, iPad and iPhone are already there.

    Sure, iOS is not "open" in the same sense that Android ecosystem is, but what matters is that it's not "closed" in the sense that Nintendo and Sony ecosystems are, either. And honestly, Android tablets are being used for mobile gaming, too:

    Don't get me wrong, I really like to use physical controls more than a touch screen. But mobile gaming has already shifted away from de

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