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Submission + - The Hungry Dead Are Waiting for You in Tulsa Oklahoma

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Kyle Arnold writes that inside a 10,000-square-foot former arcade in Tulsa Oklahoma, Tony Johnson has turned a vacant retail space into a zombie-filled maze, creating a post-apocalyptic scenario where diseased corpses hunt for human flesh using the fast-growing "airsoft" trend combined with some elements that might appeal to consumers who are not obsessed with military and tactical games. Johnson dims the lights, unleashes a few costumed zombies, and sends eight customers at a time into the post-apocalyptic maze on a mission drawn from movies, video games and comic books. "I love zombie horror movies, and how do you get closer than this?" says Johnson. "We split up the games into different missions like Save the Scientist or Find the Medicine Kit. And the entire time you're being hunted by zombies." The facility uses low-powered airsoft pistols along with protective vests and goggles and players have to hunt for fully loaded weapons if their guns run out of ammunition. "A lot of the games are starting to sell out," says Johnson. "And it's not just the die-hard airsoft players that are coming. We get a lot of young adults and couples out here just to have a good time.""
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The Hungry Dead Are Waiting for You in Tulsa Oklahoma

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