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Submission + - Private Key Found Embedded in Major SCADA Equipment (

sl4shd0rk writes: RuggedOS (A Siemens Subsidiary of Flame and Stuxnet fame), an Operating System used in mission-critical hardware such as routers and SCADA gear, has been found to contain an embedded private encryption key. Now that all affected RuggedCom devices are sharing the same key, a compromise on one device gets you the rest for free. If the claims are valid, systems in use which would be affected include US Navy, petroleum giant Chevron, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The SCADA gear which RuggedOS typically runs on are often connected to machinery controlling electrical substations, traffic control systems, and other critical infrastructure. This is the second security nightmare for RuggedCom this year, the first being the discovery of a backdoor containing a non-modifiable account.
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Private Key Found Embedded in Major SCADA Equipment

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