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theodp writes: Would you read a cartoon version of Slashdot? Quality stuff, not half-baked MS-Paint posts like 'Introducing Microsoft Monocle and Self-Driving Bentley'. Erin Polgreen has big plans for illustrated journalism. In October, Polgreen will be launching Symbolia, a tablet-based magazine of illustrated journalism, through Apple's App Store. 'Illustrated journalism draws you in, Polgreen explains. 'It's accessible in a way 5,000 words of text isn't. Regardless of age, gender or anything, you grasp it faster than most journalism.' Polgreen follows in the footsteps of other cartoonist-journalists, including Joe Kubert (RIP), Joe Sacco, and Josh Neufeld.
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And Now, The Cartoon News

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  • I may not be traditional in thinking this or I'm too traditional, back to the origins of the comic before they got dumbed down and censored. However, comics and cartoons are an excellent medium for illustrating news and points. If anything, the fact that people don't get as easily offended by them makes opinion pieces less likely to receive a negative response, and thus more likely to be understood, even if they aren't agreed with. Additionally, illustrations and animations make for the ability to create

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