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Submission + - Kentucky Lawmakers Shocked to Find Evolution in Biology Tests (arstechnica.com) 1

ahadsell writes: A report surfaced this week that suggests Kentucky legislators may be experiencing a sort of cognitive dissonance that is likely to be a preview of things we can expect elsewhere. After dictating that schools in the state include tests based on national standards, the state lawmakers were shocked to find that evolution made a prominent appearance on the science tests. Considering that the same legislative body was considering undercutting evolution less than two years ago, this may have come as a bit of a surprise.

It really shouldn't have.

Nationally, the No Child Left Behind Act has dictated that there need to be standards for educational performance, and standardized tests will be used to make sure those standards are met. Although that push started with basics like math and language, national science standards were also called for, and many states have since implemented them; the Kentucky legislature apparently adopted the national standards in 2009. ACT, a company that creates and manages standardized testing, was contracted to handle the science tests.

Given that evolution is extremely well supported and provides the central organizing idea of biology, ACT's tests featured it heavily. That made a number of the state legislators rather unhappy, and gave them the chance to demonstrate that they should not be setting education policy.

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Kentucky Lawmakers Shocked to Find Evolution in Biology Tests

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  • The rest of the world is laughing at us for being morons (I am an American) and the church goers who go to the polls think this is such a hot button issue and a war against their own beliefs. With the is and the support for Chick Fil Lay I am frankly becoming disgusted. I would not be surprised if this is used to help bring Romney into office and get and help keep some more of the seats Republican.

    I think this is being used just for that purpose based on ignorance and fear.

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