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Submission + - Healthy Balance Between Work and Home Life? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I'm sure that this is a question asked many, many times of people on Slashdot, but a quick search didn't show anything. I recently began working full time at a call center and it is my first full time job. It's for a Fortune 500 company in the health care industry, and I work 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM. I have had a hard time being able to let go of problems at home to focus at work, and a hard time letting go of work at the end of the day to relax at home.

This has caused me to lose focus during the day at my job, of which I've been at for 3 months. My question is — do you, personally, oh dwellers of the cubicle, have any suggestions for striking a healthy balance between your work and home life, and do you find that what you do helps you relax while at home and focus while at work? I ask not only because I work directly with things that can help save peoples' lives (And thus, the less I do, the more patients go without care.) , but because I have been putting my personal relationships at a strain because of stress.

Preferably finding a way to fit some formal education (As my certification requires me to obtain Continuing Education credits to remain valid) would also be a great help. Thank you, slashdotters!
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Healthy Balance Between Work and Home Life?

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  • Call centers are the worst. I think I'd rather flip burgers. A good friend has worked a series of call center jobs and he's been treated lower than dirt. It's beaten him down over the years; I don't know if or how he'll escape. The cashier at the grocery store gets more respect from his employer.

    The direct answer to your question: I don't let go. My brain doesn't turn on or off with the strike of the clock. That's not my nature. So I found myself a nice salaried job that's concerned more with the work produ

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