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Submission + - GCC Code-Base Being Converted To C++ (phoronix.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: The GCC compiler is being rewritten in C++ by Google. Currently this leading open-source GPLv3 compiler is written in C90 but developers have been converting the source language to C++. The cited rationale includes: C++ is a standardized, well known, popular language, C++ is nearly a superset of C90 used in GCC, The C subset of C++ is just as efficient as C, C++ supports cleaner code in several significant cases, C++ makes it easier to write and enforce cleaner interfaces, C++ never requires uglier code, and C++ is not a panacea but it is an improvement.
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GCC Code-Base Being Converted To C++

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  • C++ is a partial-OO, poorly designed language (as extensions bolted onto C) that moreover become horredously bloated in the past two decades. there is a reason operating systems and drivers are not written in C++. The language only encourages making needless complexity and layers to solve simple problems, and debugging other's work thus becomes a nightmare.

    No one will use this new monstrosity for any job for which C is far better suited.

  • After giving a long list of advantages C++ and C, which in essence boils down to "C++ is nearly a superset of C", the first point of guidelines is invariable same: "C++ is a complex language. We do not want to use all aspects of it."

    The problem with using C++ is always same: even if you manage to define the "right" subset of C++, it is very difficult to enforce it among all contributors. Some features such as exceptions are seen as crucial by some many C++ developers, but they require major changes in wri

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