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Submission + - A simplified internet and communications appliance for seniors ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A Seattle-based startup called Pure Devices are attempting to build a simplified appliance targeted for seniors and the elderly. We are attempting to raise funds via kickstarter. We believe a focussed, targeted and limited device, built on the Raspberry Pi would enable a large frustrated population to connect with simplicity and easy. The frustration of explaining to grandparents and parents how they can video-chat at the tap of a button, or how they can browse safely, led us to this initiative.

We plan to manufacture most of it in the USA.

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A simplified internet and communications appliance for seniors

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  • The space of bringing cloud to the household via a thin client seems to be largely unexplored yet. Raspberry Pi is a great platform to do it for less, but there is still a question - how will users respond to the fact that they effectively don't own a computer they use?

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