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Submission + - 'Cold fusion' chemist Martin Fleischmann dies (bbc.co.uk) 1

lobiusmoop writes: Martin Fleischmann, the chemist who with Stanley Pons claimed in 1989 to have achieved "cold fusion", has died.

The claims set the science world alight, because the simple experiment would have been the source of cheap and practically limitless energy.

But the results could never be replicated, and the idea of fusion in normal laboratory conditions is now almost completely discredited.

Dr Fleischmann's son reported that he had died on Friday, aged 85.

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'Cold fusion' chemist Martin Fleischmann dies

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  • But of course, those reputable institutions with billions of USD in research grants into hot fusion managed to quickly discredit him.
    They had NO interest in properly replicating his findings.
    In the 20+ yrs after, all that hot fusion research gobbled over 10 billion USD and still has no expectation of making hot fusion happens.
    If 100 million USD was put into cold fusion we'd already have that a commercial reality, because cold fusion has much smaller technical hurdles.
    Right now there are 4 initiatives aiming

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