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Submission + - $2 Million 'Dark Knight' Home Theater is Ultimate Bat Cave (

An anonymous reader writes: "The Dark Knight" themed home theater is being built inside a 12,000-square-foot home in Greenwich, Conn. The goal was to fuse together the cozy elements of Wayne Manor, with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City.

Information on the A/V equipment is limited, but "The Dark Knight" home theater features a 180-inch screen with Batsuits on each side. There are a total of six Batsuits throughout the room. There's also a command and control center and even an authentic Tumbler replica in a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf. Inside the secret room is an exit that was designed as a secret tunnel approximately 30 feet long.

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$2 Million 'Dark Knight' Home Theater is Ultimate Bat Cave

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