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Submission + - Korea based SK Telecom to Launch First Ever Voice over LTE HD Calls Service (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: South Korea has left US and other developed nations behind in the race for HD calls aka Voice over LTE as SK Telecom has announced that it will be providing high-quality voice calls over LTE service from August 8. While the rest of the world is still deliberating on when to start offering 4G services and when to hold 4G spectrum auctions like the UK, SK Telecom has upped the ante by becoming the first telecoms company to offer voice call services in HD through the use of “audio codecs capable of handling 2.2 times wider frequency bandwidth than that of 3G voice calls.” The audio codec to be used is Adapted Multi-Rate Wide Band (AMR-WB) codec notes Korea IT Times. Such is the quality of voice calls that users will actually feel that the caller will think that the person he/she is talking to is just right there, next to him/her. Another startling revelation is that the call connect time for a HD call will be anywhere between 0.25 to 2.5 seconds compared to 5 seconds in a 3G call making it around 2 to 20 times faster than the latter.
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Korea based SK Telecom to Launch First Ever Voice over LTE HD Calls Service

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