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ozmanjusri writes: "Ubuntu for Android allows you to install a full Linux desktop on your phone and use it when the phone is docked. According to Ubuntu,

Ubuntu for Android is a complete desktop with a full range of desktop applications including office, web browsing, email, media and messaging. Personal information like contacts, calendars, photo galleries and music can be accessed from both the phone and the desktop interface. SMS texts arrive on your desktop if you are docked when they show up, and calls are handled like VoIP if you want to stay working while you chat. Ubuntu for Android brings the desktop world together with the phone world, seamlessly.

Youtube videos show users loading a full Unity desktop from their docked phone, including MS Office applications via Citrix."

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Ubuntu for Android

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  • AFAIK, you can't download and install it on your phone. A given carrier / manufacturer must talk to them, then they'll tailor the OS to a model, and then the users who buy that specific model can get Ubuntu. This is not a product for the end users, but a way for manufacturers to add value to their handsets.

    • This is not a product for the end users,

      True, for the moment at least. I expect it's trajectory will be a little like that of Android itself, and there'll be community builds eventually.

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