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Submission + - Rackspace 'expects to steal customers' from Amazon with OpenStack (computerworlduk.com)

DerekduPreez writes: "Rackspace has announced that it will launch its open source infrastructure-as-a-service platform, OpenStack, in mid-August in the UK, where it has said that ‘expects to steal customers’ from market incumbent Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The public cloud offering will include servers and databases, but also files object storage with a content delivery network, cloud sites, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for .NET and PHP, load balancers and monitoring.

Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology at Rackspace, told Computerworld UK that although this is will be the first public cloud launched using the open source technology, other big vendors are soon to follow, which will give users the ability to spread applications across a number of clouds.

“I do expect to steal customers away from Amazon, because I think that some of the functionality in OpenStack is better than what AWS has. Also, in reality I don’t think people will move over one little widget – major cloud users don’t want to put everything in one cloud, so what you will see is an awful lot of people that are on Amazon starting to try stuff in OpenStack,” he said.

“Cloud is such an emerging and growing market, especially in the UK where we are about 18 months behind the US in terms of adoption, that I think we will grow just as much as Amazon will.”"

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Rackspace 'expects to steal customers' from Amazon with OpenStack

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