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Submission + - RMS Brands Valve's Linux plans as 'unethical' 1

pev writes: RMS has voiced his opinion on Valves announcement that it plans to support its games on Linux. To be fair he summarises that the move is likely to do more harm than good but he greatly dislikes the idea of having DRM protected software on an open-source platform. We all know the (long running) arguments for and against but realistically, many companies must protect their IP and open platforms will surely benefit from having such mainstream software running. Can no-one come up with a practical compromise?
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RMS Brands Valve's Linux plans as 'unethical'

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  • Pitting it as a case of "close source VS RMS", nothing short of full open-source is going to win, even if something in the middle is of benefit to everyone else. Did anyone expect a different stance from RMS?

    You can compromise with rational people, but not with a zealot/fanatic.

    For everyone else, this is a potential win, and possibly a big one.

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