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Submission + - Facebook may open the door to it's data vault a crack (

scibri writes: Facebook is considering a plan that would allow independent researchers access to some of its massive hoard of data so that they could validate the work of the company's in-house data science team.

Facebook's data scientists have been involved in publishing more than 30 papers since 2009, but because the company fears breaching its users’ privacy, it does not release the underlying raw data.

The new plan, if it comes into effect, still has some strings attached: researchers would have to travel to the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, because Facebook would not risk sending the data electronically, and they would have access to aggregated data only, and no personally identifiable information. The company would also allow access for only a limited period — and contingent upon researchers signing a non-disclosure agreement. The external scholars would also not be allowed to conduct their own studies on the data sets.

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Facebook may open the door to it's data vault a crack

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