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Submission + - Don't super-size my smartphone! ( 8

Steve Max writes: Editor Paul Ockenden wonders, "Has anyone else noticed what’s been happening to top-end smartphones recently? They’ve started to get big – really big. But do people really want that at the expense of carrying around such a huge, heavy lump of tech in their pocket?". The trend for bigger and bigger screens is clear, but is it what consumers want? Is it what you want?
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Don't super-size my smartphone!

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  • It's one of my bigger tech beefs lately and I hope they accept your submission. I'm not French and I'm not female and I'm not gay and I don't carry a purse. I want an android flip phone that will fit in my pants pocket!

    Are all the cell phone designers female? Even the flip phones have buttons on the side that you can't disable that get pushed by accident while in your pocket. The one I have now annoyingly ask me to give it a command.

    I haven't had a phone I really liked for half a decade, when I had my origi

    • I agree. I have used an iPhone 3G and found the screen small. I have a Galaxy S1 now and it's just the right size. It's not a flip phone, but I can still jam it in my pocket.

      One of my coworkers kids got a Galaxy Note. That thing's friggen huge!

      I joked back in 2010 that soon we'd be holding iPads up to our heads to take calls. It's disappointing to see it's actually happening!

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        It's not a flip phone, but I can still jam it in my pocket.

        I like flip phones because they keep you from butt dialing.

    • My case isn't as extreme as that. I have a Galaxy S2, and before getting it I thought I'd find the screen too big, but it actually fits my hand very, very well. I can write a quick message while walking on the street using a single hand without any problems. That size (4.3'') and below works perfectly for my hands. It also fits well in my pocket.

      I used an HTC Titan (4.7''), and I hated it. The screen is big enough that, to type single-handed, I need to place the phone uncomfortably over my fingers, not my p

  • Some people will want a phone with a large screen, some will want a phone with a small screen, some inbetween, and some way big, or some will want fliphones. There are phones at all sizes for touch screen phones; I haven't looked at fliphones in a very long time, so no idea what's going on in Amishland. I have an original EVO 4G, with a 4.3" screen. The new Samsung Galaxy SIII has a larger screen, but due to the difference in ratio, it's mainly just taller. Both fit in my pockets just fine. But then, I'm n
    • Yes, that's the point. Form factor is subjective, each person likes something different. However, hardware isn't subjective. Why do I have to choose between a good form factor or good hardware? Why can't I have a 4.0-4.3'', high DPI AMOLED screen with quad core CPU and good GPU? Because right now, you can either have top-notch hardware OR the form factor that was considered "high end" just last year.

      And what about hardware keyboards? Or flip smartphones? You can find them, yes, but only with sub-par hardwar

  • ...then buy a phone with a smaller screen. In fact they are often cheaper. For every large HTC One X there is a HTC One S. for the Galaxy Note [and I want One] is I have mainly seen it used my small women. Where I think it is truly a tablet phone. for big and bulky I have always bought my phones with extra weight and bulk [N900...Xpedia Play] Both of those are a long way of being too heavy or too big. And modern phones like Galaxy III or ONE X are large...but thinner and lighter. ...Lets be fair

    • I have a tablet to surf the web, watch video, read PDFs, etc. I want my phone to be portable; I want to use it to do those things when I'm in a hurry, or confined places, or in places where it would be unwise to pick up a huge tablet. It must be portable, I must be able to use its screen single-handed, on the subway for example. I can't use the whole screen of a 5 inch phone single handed, not comfortably at least. The iPhone is actually too small, and too restricted to be useful IMHO.

      Now, you want a fully

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