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Submission + - Natural Gas Fracking Causes Plunge in CO2 Emissions ( 2

MarkWhittington writes: "Natural gas fracking, in which fluids are injected in a shale formation to force natural gas to the surface, has caused an economic boom in places such as the Eagle Ford formation in south Texas, according to CNBC. The natural gas fracking boom seems also to have fixed a situation that has vexed environmentalists, according to Investor’s Business Daily. The natural gas fracking boom has caused a plunge in CO2 output, down to 1990s levels."
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Natural Gas Fracking Causes Plunge in CO2 Emissions

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  • Hi Editors-

    Whomever posted this article is astroturfing. This author is aware of a paid campaign by hydraulic fracking companies to manipulate the media regarding hydraulic fracking. This article, and the person who tried to post it, is an OBVIOUS astroturf attempt. Editors, I suggest you put a black mark by the user trying to post this bogus-science article, and be very suspicious of anything else they try to post. I am a Physicist specialized in global energy resource resource issues, which is how I k

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