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Submission + - Jailbreaking the Developer (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: The nature of computer programming is changing in a big way but the change is slow enough for programmers to swallow. One day they will wake up and remember what it used to be like. You bought some hardware, wrote some programs and did what you like with them.
Today you increasingly have to sign up to some developer program or other and obey the rules of the app store — even if you have no intention of selling your programs. To give away an program for an iOS device you have to pay Apple a per annum fee. Now Microsoft is joining the club and insisting that programmers get a developers license for Windows 8. You need such a license even to start work on a Metro app. At least Microsoft isn't charging anything for it — yet. More worrying is the clause in the license which says — if Microsoft detects any misuse of the license they will revoke it.
It seems that long gone are the days when you bought a computer, wrote some programs and did what ever you wanted with them.
If you want to secure the future of programming, then you really need to support not only the concept of free software but also the free developer. We no longer only need jailbreaks for devices but also for the developer.

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Jailbreaking the Developer

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