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An anonymous reader writes: Several blog posts on the Twitter development blog, statements issued, app updates and the now-tarnished Twitter-LinkedIn deal following the micro-blogging service cutting LinkedIn off from using its API all strongly support the fact that Twitter is phasing out its API in lieu of forcing users to use its own access methods to drive ad clicks and monetization. But is the service shooting itself in the foot by killing off custom user-facing apps, automated publishing methods and other niche apps in favor of the bland stock app?
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Twitter Is Officially Killing the API

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  • When you say they are "officially" doing something, you imply that they have made some kind of public announcement to that effect.

    But they haven't. That's not quite what that blog post says.

    Unless they make a public announcement that they are killing the API, or somebody finds an internal memo about them killing the API, there is nothing "official" about this speculation.

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