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Submission + - G4S IT failure 'root cause' of London 2012 Olympics security debacle (

DerekduPreez writes: "A failure in G4S’ internal computer systems was the primary reason it is not able to provide a sufficient number of security staff to support the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer.

According to the Independent, the company’s IT systems failed to correctly calculate staff rostering, which has now been identified as the “root cause of the problem”.

G4S won the security contract with LOCOG, the organisers of the Olympic Games, after it submitted a tender at least 25 percent lower than any of its competitors. However, it was revealed last week that it was not going to be able to fulfil its contractual commitments and the Home Office is being forced to deploy some 3,500 soldiers to cover the shortfall.

Home secretary Theresa May is now under pressure to explain why the government has had to make the decision to deploy troops at this late stage, considering that the Games start in the capital next week."

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G4S IT failure 'root cause' of London 2012 Olympics security debacle

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