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Submission + - Infosys CEO to employees: suck it up. (indiatimes.com)

Stirling Newberry writes: "The Times of India Reports:

A day after Infosys 'lackluster performance, chief executive officer S D Shibulal wrote a letter to its 1.5 lakh employees to reassure them that their company is on the right track.

According to Wikipedia's bio, Shubilal is worth over one billion USD, and wants to improve employee engagement, which obviously is at the root of his strategy to take unavoidable headwinds, in his own words, and "one time occurances," out on employees:

"Last quarter, we said that we would review the possibility of increasing salaries during the year. However, given the business outlook, we will not be able to do this at this time. We will continue to look for any signs of improvement in the business outlook, which might allow us to revisit this in the quarters to come.

Thus despite a massive miss in revenue and continuing to compete on price, it seems that the floggings will continue at the software services giant, until morale improves."

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Infosys CEO to employees: suck it up.

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