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Submission + - Roguelike ADOM To Be Resurrected? ( 3

bsayer writes: Thomas Biskup launched an all-or-nothing Indiegogo campaign to fund a 1.2.0 release of the popular roguelike, ADOM. If the campaign raises the $48,000 USD goal a team will be assembled to deliver "new stable releases for all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Amiga, NetBSD, FreeBSD; Android and iPad/iOS are going to be stretch goals)."
Also included in the project will bug fixes, game balance improvements, and various enhancements listed on the campaign page.
It appears that the only significant barrier to getting this project funded is reaching all the current and former ADOM players. As Thomas puts it, "There once were hundreds of thousands of fans out there, if not millions, but many of them are not plugged in to the community and are hard for me to find. Let them know that today is the day!"

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Roguelike ADOM To Be Resurrected?

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  • I find it weird that Thomas Biskup thinks he can reenergize ADOM without derailing his fledging sequel. But I've enjoyed many hours of ADOM gameplay, and if he wants money to fulfill a personal dream, I'll certainly pitch some cash his way.

  • Coherent and engaging story, multitude of race/class combinations that make for truly different games.
    Must have sunk more than 1000hrs into this game.
    Best char was a Gray Elven Wizard who was crushed by his backpack when he put on a ring of weakness :(

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