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Submission + - UK government representatives solicit opinions on opt-out web filter ( 1

martinux writes: Representatives of the UK Conservative government are considering an opt-out web-filter. The promoters of the idea acknowledge that no method of filtering is 100% effective yet are maintaining it is necessary to block "harmful" material because parents may be unable.

Those who advocate personal responsibility may wish to take the time to submit reasons why such a filtering mechanism is harmful to society and ultimately ineffectual.

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UK government representatives solicit opinions on opt-out web filter

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  • A number of the questions have been intentionally written in a way that prevents one from giving a dissenting response
    11 Do you think systems like this should be in place for all internet connections and households, or just for those with children?

    I have commented that such questions are loaded where appropriate.

    It is evident to me that such leading questions are an attempt at ensuring that the person answering believes they have no option other than to not answer if they do not agree with either st

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