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Submission + - The death of an HTML5 game breeds an open source project (

colinneagle writes: German social gaming company Wooga has thrown in the towel on its HTML5 project after seeing little return on the increasing amount of effort put into its "Magic Land Island" game.

ome early success convinced Wooga to devote additional resources to the game, which was launched in October of last year. However, as the chart below shows, the following months would provide insufficient return. The game saw 5% of users returning to the game after first trying it. By comparison, Diamong Dash, another game operated by Wooga, typically sees a 50% user return rate.

The announcement sheds some interesting light on HTML5, as Wooga hardly holds back on any of the details behind the game's failure. The biggest barriers to HTML5's entry to the mainstream include internet connectivity.

The consensus? The time for HTML5 will come; it's just not quite there yet.

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The death of an HTML5 game breeds an open source project

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