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Submission + - 'Drift' Helps You Unfamiliarize Yourself in your Neighborhood

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Smart phones can get you anywhere, from anywhere, by just about any route or transportation mode imaginable, effectively eliminating the lost art of getting lost in the city. Now Emily Badger writes about a new app called 'Drift' that wants to help you “unfamiliarize” yourself with your neighborhood offering you a random series of creative cues to guide you on your own “psychogeographic walk” through the city. Getting "lost" is a means to an end on Drift, not the end in itself. Rather, by recreating that feeling of disorientation you’ll start looking for things you never notice when following the same route to work, or to school every day. "It’s a lot more using that as a starting point to understand that even though you think you know this place, there’s a lot of things you are probably missing on an ongoing basis,” says developer Justin Langlois of Broken City Lab, an artist-led interdisciplinary collective and non-profit organization. “When you’re lost somewhere, you really go out of your way to pay attention to these visual cues that become significant markers in your mind.” As you find hidden or unnoticed things, you are asked to document them with the camera and in one sense is almost a community art project, inviting you to not only view your neighborhood differently, but to see how it looks through the eyes of your neighbors as well. “What that does in a larger sense," says Langlois, "is hopefully it gets people understanding that a city, a street and a neighborhood are more than just places to pass through on your way to somewhere else.""
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'Drift' Helps You Unfamiliarize Yourself in your Neighborhood

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