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Submission + - Energy sustainability: Taking a step in the nuclear fusion direction ( 1

shahsameer writes: "Scientists considered Nuclear power a prominent energy alternative. It is more environmentally beneficial solution since it emits significantly less greenhouse gas during electricity generation than coal or other traditional power plants. Nuclear power is widely regarded as somewhat dangerous and potentially problematic. Nevertheless, it is also deemed as a manageable source of electricity. Additionally, it is not dependent on fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. This energy can be utilized to power homes, businesses and to supply electricity to large numbers of people. Nuclear fusion — a reaction that occurs, for example, when two hydrogen atoms combine to produce one helium atom — is one means of harnessing nuclear power. Controlling this type of technology has long been in the experimental stage and could become viable in the future. Well, maybe the future has come sooner than expected.
A fusion reactor is a device which uses nuclear fusion to generate energetic plasma used for the generation of electricity. Engineers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) have successfully developed an experimental reactor that can demonstrate the feasibility of fusion energy for the power grid. This development was built on the idea of nuclear fusion supplying more energy with far fewer risks. This milestone is integral for the ITER project which was founded on the idea of building a fusion reactor that aims to produce ten times the amount of energy that it uses. ITER involves the United States, the European Union and five other nations and its goal is to help bring fusion power to the commercial market. UT researchers accomplished a crucial step for the project by favorably testing their technology that will insulate and stabilize the central solenoid — the reactor’s backbone."

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Energy sustainability: Taking a step in the nuclear fusion direction

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  • All they did is build the reactor, not necessarily a WORKING fusion reactor. The article focuses on the hopes of fusion rather than progression in fusion research as a result of this "new" reactor.

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