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Submission + - Ask Slashdot : Best Headphones, Earbuds, Earphones...etc? 1

alexbgreat writes: Given that the users of Slashdot are by far some of the best-qualified most discerning opinion-givers I've ever seen, what do YOU think is the best set of head-mounted loudspeakers for the money, with a cost of less than $50? Some features of these that would be stupendous to have (descending order of importance) : Noise Isolation (Not cancellation), flat/near flat response (I need to be able to hear bass, but I don't need my eardrums blown. I'm looking at you, Beats by Dr. Dre), Long-term comfort (Earbuds usually hurt for me), Durability. Over-ear is preferred to anything on- or in-ear. Boom mics are permissible, as it could very well see time as a broadcast intercom headset.
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Ask Slashdot : Best Headphones, Earbuds, Earphones...etc?

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  • Sorry, but $50 barely buys you anything. Cheap earbuds would isolate but sound like crap (even the $100 shure/etymotics/ultimate ears aren't what I'd call "excellent"), and the only sub-50$ cans I'd ever recommend are the Koss Porta Pros (and I can't vouch for the newer ones). The Grado SR60s are quite good for the price, but last I looked they're $80, and they have less than no isolation. (For me that's a plus).

    For $100, I've heard Sennheiser HD518 ($115) are good. I use the Grado SR-80s ($100) and am

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