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Submission + - What issues are important for candidates to address?

albertclawson writes: "My name is Albert Clawson and I am running for the Michigan State House of Representatives in the 39th district. There is a primary election in August, 2012 with the general election in November.

In all elections there is much focus on jobs, the economy, fiscal policies — as it should be — but I feel that candidates often ignore the technological issues that are so important in today's digital age: I feel like I am the only candidate who takes these issues seriously enough to make them a part of his campaign. I would like to present my thoughts and am asking you, readers of slashdot to help me add, subtract and refine my positions.

First, I must say that many issues that are important to me are beyond the spheres of state candidates. I oppose SOPA and CISPA for example, but as these are issues at the federal level I'm not sure what — if anything — can be done at a state level. I favor net neutrality (but am also in favor of keeping things deregulated — a suitable carrot must be found). I have a major problem with patent trolls, object to DMCA takedown abuse, Any thoughts or suggestions on what can be done at the state level on these issues will be greatly appreciated.

In the interest of brevity in my posting here I give a brief sketch of issues that are important to me and will open the post to any questions that you might have:

* Any and all obstacles to an increase in broadband penetration must be removed. Any broadband provider currently receiving any subsidies for rural development must produce results or lose those subsidies. Providers who refuse to provide services to various areas yet take action to block anybody else from building out in those areas should be thwarted in their efforts.

* Modern schools should teach modern classes. Any student who has the interest should be able to graduate high school with CCNA certification (or others). For that matter, the educational system should be revamped to allow students to graduate HS with certifications of LPN, journeyman plumber/electrician/carpenter/other or other backgrounds that allow them to immediately enter the workplace should they deem college as not a viable (or desirable) option.

* State laws must keep up with modern technology. It is an absolute embarrassment that Michigan still has not addressed the question of autonomous vehicles while Nevada is already issuing test/experimental licenses for them to operate on public roads. Zoning laws may need to be updated to allow for microfabrication processes that are appropriate for commercial districts where they might technically be required to be performed in industrial districts.

* Emergency response plans must include specific plans to utilize the best and most modern technology that is reasonably possible. The use of location-aware emergency alerting technology (to issue explicit warnings to display on cell phones that are directly in the path of a storm or chemical spill for example),

* We must look toward revising energy policies. I am a fan of thorium technology, advocate residential solar and low-head hydroelectric and believe that residential building code should be revised to ensure that new construction has the wiring roughed in place to allow for painless installation of charging stations in the garages/driveways as homeowners buy vehicles that need charging.

* We must consider new and novel solutions for all problems, no matter how unorthodox. A prime example is the recent development of what is essentially silly putty to patch potholes.

There are many other issues, this first post can only scratch the surface — I want to open everything up for discussion. I don't have all the answers, but I believe that we can find all of the answers together."
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What issues are important for candidates to address?

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