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Submission + - CrowdStrike Wants to Save the World From Flame Malware (crowdstrike.com)

SmartAboutThings writes: "CrowdStrike is a new security start-up that wants to change the way antivirus software is created. They will create a different system that will not allow such malware as Flame go around traditional software and will drain attackers' resources. “The industry has been wrong to focus on the tools of the attackers, the exploits, which are very changeable. We need to focus on the shooter, not the gun—the tactics, the human parts of the operation, are the least scalable. Hacking back would be illegal, but there are measures you can take against people benefiting from your data that raise the business costs of the attackers.”"
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CrowdStrike Wants to Save the World From Flame Malware

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