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Submission + - Ask Slashdot - How can I help a seasoned technical writer find work?

An anonymous reader writes: A friend of mine is a tech writer. He's had a rough time in this recession and is at the end of his unemployment. He has a long trail of recommendations, awards, etc. I suspect that, or age discrimination may be working against him. He has operated as an independent before, but can't seem to find work that way either.

To be honest I just haven't heard of anything about openings for dedicated tech writer openings in a very long time... is that becoming uncommon? I've told him I could help him if he wanted to head toward qa and that he might get to do a little writing there depending on organizational needs, though starting money is probably not so good. I'm not sure what else to tell him. Advice?
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Ask Slashdot - How can I help a seasoned technical writer find work?

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