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MathIsTasty writes: While it looks like the previously discussed campaign to raise funds for Octave and gnuplot development for Android is quite short of its goal, it looks like the developer has forged ahead and released a decent and only slightly buggy version of gnuplot running on Android already. Though it can create 2D and 3D plots and even output to a PostScript file, it looks like there is no pinch-zoom and similar. Maybe that is one of the things the requested funds are for. I just wonder whether the only person working on the project should have spent more time on marketing as opposed to development.
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Gnuplot now Running on Android

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  • I am the dev of the project mentioned. It is awesome that you posted about the release of gnuplot. I agree that time would probably be best spent on getting the word out about the project, but I am just one person and have done what was most obvious. I thought by having a functioning (but limited) version of what is to come, that might serve as a good form of marketing.
  • Don't feel bad about marketing - it's a necessary evil. The results of this project could be used in many ways. We need to show more people that math is not just about red marks and aggravation, but that it has real world uses. A powerful mathematics system for Android might help that.

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