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Submission + - Space Quest creators reunite for a new game after a 20 year hiatus (kickstarter.com) 1

flyingmonkfish writes: "Remember the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Questseries? Yes, back in the day before live Internet pr0n. With the original IP tied up in a giant Activision-Gordian-Knot, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ("The Two Guys from Andromeda"), the creators of SQ, have set up their own indie studio to invent a whole new hilarious universe, new characters, and puzzles; maybe respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered. They sure aren't telling us what they'll do, so don't sue us if it turns out to be a space themed version of Animal Crossing! SpaceVenture is rumoured to lambaste sci-fi franchises, and the team claims that none are safe, including Doctor Who, Stargate, Avatar, and others. One thing is certain, they'll make fun of YOU. They've lined up an all-star voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (off-camera voice on "Funniest Pets and People"), Ellen McLain (cut-scenes on Godzilla: Unleashed), and radio legend Gary Owens (pre-recorded station ID announcer for CHPQ-FM). It's being promoted with a blog, podcasts, videos, live chats,and fan efforts including SQ marathons,comics, and fan videos. Sex tape coming soon. Best of all, as funding milestones are reached the team releases Chrome Web Store exclusive prototypes; somewhat playable concept art demonstrating how l33t their HTML5 sk1lzz are! The Kickstarter project targets everything under the sun — PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android, none of them well — for release and includes expensive swag and rewards that can land you in the game itself — for the price of a nice car. So go on and look if you're a diehard fan of adventure games with sci-fi parody — yes, the two of you. Did we mention we're desperate? Funding has bottomed out so we're now down to desperate measures and running on fumes. WE NEED YOUR HELP!"
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Space Quest creators reunite for a new game after a 20 year hiatus

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  • I'm just looking forward to seeing what they can do unbounded by a publisher. All of my favourite media works, games, animation or movies, have come from an artist / creator having complete creative control. Going by how much I loved their earlier work, I'm stupidly excited for this.

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