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Submission + - After 20 years, Space Quest creators reunite for new game ( 3

auhsor writes: It's only taken 20 years for Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ('The Two Guys from Andromeda'), creators of Space Quest, to settle their differences and reunite for a new game. They have set up their own indie studio to create a new game respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered.

They've lined up a stellar voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (Animaniac Yakko, Pinky, TMNT's Raphael), Ellen McLain (GLaDOS), John Patrick Lowrie (TF2 Sniper) and radio legend Gary Owens. It's being promoted with regular live chats, videos, podcasts and fan efforts including SQ marathons, comics, and fan videos. The Kickstarter project targets PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android for release and includes awesome rewards such as a real life buckazoid or a mention in the game.

With new adventure games from Double Fine, Ron Gilbert, Jane Jensen, a Leisure Suit Larry remake, a new Tex Murphy, a new Kings Quest and of course SpaceVenture from The Two Guys from Andromeda, 2013 is going to be a great year for adventure gamers.

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After 20 years, Space Quest creators reunite for new game

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  • Grab it here []
    Every 100K they raise, they're releasing an updated prototype which gives a taste of what they're thinking in terms of art and humour. Which is very familiar if you've played the old Space Quest games. It's done in HTML5 (link above is for Chrome, but I think there's a non-Chrome version somewhere), but that's just for quick prototyping purposes -- the proper thing will be a standalone executable.

    Here's hoping the Sierra revival continues...

  • Space Quest was the game that really got me hooked into adventure gaming. I'd played King's Quest prior of course, but there was just something about SQ1 that spoke to me. Maybe the it was the Sci-Fi setting, the comedic elements, the rather bumbling nature of the hero and his tale of, more or less, accidentally saving the day, but it was simply the perfect blend to make me a fan for life of the genre. Seeing this resurgence of adventure games has been great, seeing the Two Guys back together and ready to c

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