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Data Storage

Submission + - 80 year old Greenland photos (phys.org) 1

QQBoss writes: Old tech has lasting power, for sure. 80 year old silver glass plates of Greenland from Knud Rasmussen's mapping expedition surveys have been located and are clean enough to allow calculation of glacial melting in the 1930s.
http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v5/n6/full/ngeo1481.html (*paywalled*, sorry)

What is the chance a topic like this could actually revolve around differences in quality of long term archival storage technologies and not devolve into what we all know exactly will happen?

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80 year old Greenland photos

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  • There will be at least one camera using silver halide film to produce 6x6 B&W negatives at my daughter's wedding, and I will ensure those negatives are properly fixed and cleaned, and stored in archival grade envelopes. We still have perfectly legible photos of my mother as a small child. She is over 90, so that beats 80.

    Glass plates are even better. After years of storage the gelatin is pretty dried out and exposure to quite high heat levels still leaves the image legible.

    Mind you, nothing beats iron

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