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Submission + - Space Quest Spiritual Successor Project, SpaceVenture (kickstarter.com) 62

Mr. Jaggers writes: "Remember the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Quest series? With the original IP tied up in a giant Activision-Gordian-Knot, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ("The Two Guys from Andromeda"), the creators of SQ, have set up their own indie studio to invent a whole new hilarious universe, new characters, and puzzles; all the while respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered. SpaceVenture is set to lambaste sci-fi franchises (as was done in SQ), and the team claims that none are safe, including Doctor Who, Stargate, Avatar, and others. They've lined up an all-star voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (Animaniac Yakko, Pinky, TMNT's Raphael), Ellen McLain (GLaDOS), and radio legend Gary Owens. It's being promoted with a blog, podcasts, videos, live chats, and fan efforts including SQ marathons, comics, and fan videos. Best of all, as funding milestones are reached the team builds and releases prototypes; living, playable concept art demonstrating the character of the final game! The Kickstarter project targets PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android for release and includes awesome rewards that can land you in the game itself. It's definitely worth a look for fans of adventure games and sci-fi parody!"
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Space Quest Spiritual Successor Project, SpaceVenture

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  • Cant wait to see a new game by the two guys!
  • Another Kickstarter... I thought I was kinda burned out one these, but I really want to see this one happening. Space Quest were some of my favourite games when I was a kid...
    • A pirated copy of Space Quest I came with the first PC my father bought, a Hyundai (yes, they made computers) PC with monochrome monitor. I'm glad I can clear my conscience by throwing a few bucks towards the Two Guys from Andromeda now.

    • by auhsor ( 957680 )
      I think this is a perfect project for a Kickstarter. It's a great way to show that there are still fans of the Adventure Game genre and it allows us to directly interact with the developers. Scott and Mark have been quite hands on in their interaction with the fans which has been great. With all the other adventure game kickstarters (Double Fine, Jane Jensen, Leasure Suit Larry, Tex Murphy, Rob Swigart's Portal) around 2013 is going to be a great year for adventure games... Well it will be if we can get th
      • by wormo ( 2645633 )
        An adventure game revival, *and* a great boost for Linux gaming, since all but one of those projects (Tex Murphy) promises Linux support!
  • Totally in on this one!
  • Seriously, so far of all the K.S. projects, I'm SUPER excited about this one. :)
    • by auhsor ( 957680 )
      Agreed, some of my fondest memories growing up are playing the Space Quest games with my Dad and my brother. The other sierra games were great, but I loved the space quest games the most.
    • Yeah, I love all the classic Sierra games, but the SQ series is my favorite. Here's hoping to a sucessful new game for Scott and Mark, and maybe a new SQ game after that!
  • Can't wait to play something new from the Two Guys...
  • Also super looking forward to this, more than any other kickstarter adventure game rebirth.
  • This is great news - these guys are brilliant!
  • The game industry needs an injection of Old school. I wish this kick starter success!
  • scott and mark are awesome guys and deserve to unleash their creative goo all over us
  • Can't wait for another game by Scott and Mark. I hope this gets funded.
  • ... you've been a real pantload.
  • Lets celebrate! I hope this game can get made. My iPad needs it.
  • I can't believe this is actually happening - so many great memories playing these games as a kid. This HAS to get funded!
  • This is something I would of never thought could happen. HUGE surprise... but very pleasant!
  • Will definitely get behind this project - and good luck to the Two Guys.
  • I did not catch the Two Guys the first time around with Space Quest series, but this just seems like a great combination!
    Four great tastes that taste great together :)

    Crowd funding really has brought some amazing projects come to life.
    • I had the first four for my Atari ST around '89, great games. Looking forward to this.

      • by wormo ( 2645633 )
        I figured out how I managed to miss out on the original Space Quest series: I was still playing C64 text adventure games back in 1989. Didn't have a PC at home until I bought a P75 in 1995 with graduation present money. Ahh, my first Linux computer :)
        • The old floppy versions play really well in ScummVM under Linux, but that's not nearly as cool or fun as an entirely new adventure with gobsmackingly awesome professional voice acting, running natively on Linux.

          • by wormo ( 2645633 )
            Anybody know whether it is straight-forward to get at the SpaceQuest files for playing them in ScummVM under Linux, if you buy the GOG versions? I heard something about GOG wrapping everything up in a "convenient" windows installer, which could make it completely inconvenient for us Linux users if the installer doesn't run cleanly in wine
            • That's my understanding as well. My methodology might go something like; buy the GOG license, and torrent the floppy version to install in DOSbox.

              SQ1 can be played for free at http://sarien.net/spacequest [sarien.net]

              And lastly... in the above methodology, one could, perhaps, "pay" that license to the Kickstarter project, and select a reward tier below one's pledge (say, choose the $30 reward tier, pledge $50, then *not* have $20 to GOG, but to the Two Guys instead), and then go torrent the floppy versions :-D

              • by wormo ( 2645633 )
                I actually have a GOG account now, just because of the campaign to get native linux clients distributed when they exist (e.g. people should be able to select Linux when SpaceVenture and Moebius start shipping from GOG!)

                So far I just voted up the linux support wishlist entry and didn't download any games due to the anticipated hassle.
              • by wormo ( 2645633 )
                Forgot to mention sarien.net looks pretty awesome, everything from the open source technology to actually getting official permission to host those games. And of course, sarien.net home page has the SpaceVenture kickstarter featured rather prominently in the sidebar :)
  • Can't wait for a new game. Hope the kickstarter succeeds.
  • This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have the Two Guys come back after 20 years and make another game. These guys are adventure game rock stars. I can't wait to see what they've got for us.
  • This brings back amazing memories. Back in 1994 I was walking through a mall and found a bargain bin with 10 games for the price of one. Most were terrible but Space Quest 4 was gold. It is still one of the best games I have ever played. I really hope they get enough funding for the game.
  • Gaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrryyyyyyry Ooooooowwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnsssssssss!!!!! Yes!
    • by wormo ( 2645633 )
      I never even knew he did video games...
      • I never even knew he did video games...

        Yep, he also supplied the voice of the narrator for Space Quest 4 and Space Quest 6. IF this thing gets funded, he'll once again be the narrator!

        • by wormo ( 2645633 )
          It kind of makes sense... since he seems to enjoy doing cartoons and comedy, a zany adventure game is not that far off
          • indeed. all reports indicate he's an extraordinarily nice man, too. and everything he's a part of is better because of his involvement. i'm so glad he's on board!
          • It kind of makes sense... since he seems to enjoy doing cartoons and comedy, a zany adventure game is not that far off

            sorry for double reply, but here's an example of some his excellent and utterly hilarious work from space quest 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdUnoOIikE0 [youtube.com]

  • I am surprised they haven't reached their goal, yet.
    • by wormo ( 2645633 )
      I think they just needed to reach a larger audience than just avid kickstart watchers, oh say... slashdot readers
      • Yeah, I hope others feel like you and keep this submission lifted up!

        • by wormo ( 2645633 )
          I hope there are plenty of other hard-core adventure game fans who check the popular page regularly; I usually stick with the front page unless I'm stalling, e.g. supposed to be writing documentation or an email that I really don't want to write :p
    • I'm not really surprised.

      Space quest was one of my favorite sierra games growing up and the kickstarter itself is great. The issue I see is it's bad timing. We just had Leisure Suit Larry, Jane Jensen (Pinkerton Road), Tex Murphy and now Two guys. I've given at least $50 to each, but I've basically spent more in the last two months then I have on games in the last 5 years. I imagine other kickstarters are feeling the pinch themselves. The real kicker here is we have to wait several months or longer for th
      • by wormo ( 2645633 )
        It's hard to know ahead of time whether going at once is good timing or bad timing; snow-balling publicity could work in the favor of all the similar projects. Kind of like how sometimes a city will get famous for used books (or art, wine, whatever) and will start pulling in enough tourists with that interest to support multiple book stores (or art galleries, vineyards, whatever). Kickstarter could become that "place" for adventure gamers to spend their hard-earned money ;)
  • SQ is one of the best adventure franchises I've ever played! I really hope then can make it!
  • That, and of course extremely awesome space adventures. :) I truly hope this kickstarter gets funded! Ahh..nostalgia.
  • Wow, this is cool! Scott and Mark are like absentee childhood heroes lol. I remember all the rumours around a Space Quest 7. It's on and off again status:/ Can't wait to die in space.
  • Linux support, open space exploration, hilarious dogfight sequences... SciFi comedy adventure, what exactly is not to love about this project? I did a promo video in support of this project, see it here: http://youtu.be/D8SrJhYTJOQ [youtu.be]
  • It is truly inspirational that Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy are back together. And what nice guys; they interact with us in a sincere and humorous way. Get in on the action with the legends at the Kickstarter page! SpaceVenture is gonna be hilarious and so fun, quite possibly even better than Space Quest.
  • Wow... This one is a must-pledged project.... I really look forward to this campaign to be succeed!
  • I remember playing this game back when I was a kid. Well not THIS game, but Space Quest. I loved the old parser games but Space Quest was hilarious, and really instilled a sense of wonder and discovery into me. Definitely my favorite games of all time. I'm so ecstatic to see another adventure game by these two guys. It's about time we got away from first person shooters and got back to games that encourage some cerebral activity... and make us laugh. Bring back the funny in games! I love how down to earth
  • Space Quest was one of the best game series full-stop in the 80s and early 90s - the time I spent exploring other worlds brings back such great memories. The great thing about their games was the sense of humour and style it bought - which is completely missing from modern games, which feel like they've been written by 12 year olds. If you are on the fence on this one, jump over to the Chromestore and try Prototype 2 to get a taster of the artwork, writing style etc that it is going to use.
  • So far it is really looking for adventure games via kickstarter.. they have half the cash already and no doubt will hit $500K in short order.

    Bring on the old style games! I can afford $15 for .. well.. lots of them. Adventure game revival a couple of decades later.. it's going to be a great year for good games.

  • This time, they're being held in tapioca pudding. Only we can rescue them. With our dollars!
  • Welcome to /. guys and girls

    • by wormo ( 2645633 )
      For at least one of us, not first time commenting, just first time non-anonymous-coward comments. Figure I've been /. reader for about 15 yrs (back in the days when my local LUG was just starting), but it takes the hope of an adventure game revival **with Linux support** to inspire me to actually create yet another account...
    • Been a daily reader since 2003 - but this is what has pushed me over the line to finally signing up for slashdot
  • Awesome! Thanks for posting this!
  • It's a shame they don't have the Space Quest IP, but you know what? Gary Owens >>> Roger Wilco. The Narrator is my favorite character from the series.
    • If the project does well, they'll have proven to the rights-holders (Activision) that they are, in fact, the right guys for the job, and that they were the creative driving force, not the specific IP itself. That gives them leverage to license it and work together to create a proper sequel (can't imagine it being called SQ7, but that would be hilarous!!).

      Of course, the price of the IP would go up, but the alternative is that it goes nowhere and languishes until a contract house is hired to turn it into som

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