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Submission + - An open letter to Apple - Bring back the clones

PhunkySchtuff writes: "Dear Apple, Please either do something with the Mac Pro range, or set it free. My proposal below will address not only this shortcoming but fix your problems with servers as well. Yes, hear me out for a minute, I know this burned you really really badly last time in the early 90's when Apple products were outrageously more expensive than the industry average and the clone makers brought in low quality, cheap hardware and tarnished things, but please, please, please look at licensing Mac OS X to certified clone makers. "But that's crazy talk" "Clones will be the death of the Apple experience" "Clones cheapen the experience" "Why would someone buy a Mac if a clone is cheaper?" "Why would Apple give up their famous margins on selling hardware?" A clone program could not only be successful, but would restore a lot of faith in the brand from the high-end of the professional and enterprise market if there is one VERY IMPORTANT restriction on clones... All Clones MUST HAVE A XEON PROCESSOR. That immediately rules out all the bottom-feeding, white-box making clone makers who just want to make the cheapest computer and damn the quality. Xeons are freakin' expensive chips, and the hardware to support them isn't cheap either. This would allow certified clone makers to make high-end machines that can dual-boot, yet not compete in Apple's core consumer markets which is dominated by portables. Try stuffing a Xeon in a laptop? No thanks, the only nuts I like dry-roasted are almonds. Go and look at a high-end HP workstation, something like a current generation Z800 — it's a Mac Pro in all but it's ability to run OS X. That would also solve the problem of a severe lack of enterprise-ready servers, that once again would not compete whatsoever with the Mac mini Server. It would be a win all around — Apple could (almost) charge whatever they like for an OS X licence. This would not lead to any more hacintoshes than already exist — people making a cheap-arse hacintosh will not be spending the coin to use a Xeon, it's going to be on a cheaper consumer-level platform. Professionals would have a machine that they could expand, would be updated on a regular basis with modern hardware specs and would not have to hassle the consumer-focussed Genius Bar for support on. Please Apple, if you love it, set it free."
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An open letter to Apple - Bring back the clones

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