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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Bring Your Own Last Mile(s) 1

Jaqenn writes: I'm considering buying a house a little past the fringe of my area's broadband infrastructure. The major providers for my area all claim not to service the address, and if I cannot pay them to build out to the location I'd like some advice on what my other options are.

Lets pretend that I have a confederate 1 — 5 miles away that is eligible for service, and will let me install any kind of crazy equipment needed to route traffic between his location to mine. What are my options (and prices) for bridging that gap? Is it feasible to run my own fiber optic cable? How about some kind of microwave bridge? Point-to-Point lasers? Pringles cantennas?
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Ask Slashdot: Bring Your Own Last Mile(s)

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  • Parts: Two consumer grade Wireless Access Points, wireless bridge capable, POE capable, user replacable antenna. Two 10 Db flat pannel wireless antenna Two weatherproof equipment enclosures with 2 cable passthrough grommets each. Attach the antenna to the outside of the enclosure, WAP inside, ethernet cable connects to home router using a POE power injector. Mount the enclosures high enough for line-of-sight connectivity. Total expense: ~$300

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