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hypnosec writes: When people take to their online world, it's usually to escape the goings-on of their offline reality. However, one such user attempted to make their escape permanent, by posting a series of suicidal tweets on Twitter on 8th May. But thanks to a number of followers spotting the troubling updates, the microbloggers rallied together in order to bring London-based infamousT from the brink of suicide. Telling her followers to "get ready for a real-time suicide," the 47 year old transexual video producer published a number of updates with each dose of pills she took, describing herself as "a useless, failed human being — damaged beyond repair" along with tweets such as "fresh packet of pills now — lost count already" and "wow — kicking in now". Sparking concern amongst her followers, the Twitter community began to raise the alarm — from calling the police to attempting to track down her address. Chief Constable of Cumbria police, Stuart Hyde, also took part in the Twitter saga — and thankfully was able to deliver the good news to the microbloggers that the woman in question had been taken to hospital, where she would remain overnight.
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Twitter User Saved From Suicide By Followers

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