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Internet Explorer

Submission + - Why Do We Tolerate IE? Just Say No (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still the Number One web browser — but only in terms of its market share. Over the years it has caused more problems for web programmers and web page designer than any other browser.
Recent news that IE9 is gaining ground on Windows 7 was something that I couldn't understand. Users have a choice and perhaps they just don't see things as clearly as we do but... why is it we tolerate users selecting IE9?
Ever since Microsoft got involved in creating a browser, it has used it as a tool to further company policy and this has caused the developer community many, many problems and it is still doing it. It refused to support SVG for 2D graphics and put web graphics on hold for 10 years. Now it is refusing to support WebGL and is in line to put 3D graphic on hold for perhaps the same period.
The situation is that IE is still a tool of Microsoft policy and as such we really should avoid it like the plague.
So I propose one easy way to bring IE into line — test your apps on Chrome and Firefox and ignore IE. Make use of as much WebGL as your application could benefit from and ignore the fact that IE doesn't support it. Then if users complain that your app doesn't work under IE simply respond with advice to upgrade to Chrome or Firefox — after all both are free to download and IE is free to delete.

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Why Do We Tolerate IE? Just Say No

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