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Submission + - India $45 Android tablet from Datawind falls to corruption (nytimes.com) 1

symbolset writes: The first Aakash tablet proposed for India schools has failed. Datawind managed to deliver the $45 Android tablet as reported here previously, but suffering a breach in faith by both their contract manufacturer and the accepting agency in India had to reset the project. Facing a loss in revenue it's turning into a disaster for the small Canadian company as they are now proving unable to deliver both the Aakash tablet and the parallel retail product.

Senior executives have begun to flee. The company has presold a great many tablets, and delivery failure reports are beginning to mount. Is this the Phantom console of this decade?

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India $45 Android tablet from Datawind falls to corruption

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  • When you deal with any Indian corporation, especially those that have link with the Indian government, be sure that you get paid _BEFORE_ you deliver the goods.

    That poor Canadian company is the the only one suffering loses.

    They were not the first, nor the last, that got cheated by the Indians.

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