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Submission + - Stephen King, Tim O'Reilly on Same Page on Taxes

theodp writes: So, what is it that scares Stephen King? In an epic tax-the-rich [himself included] rant, the iconic writer warns of a Kingsian apocalyptic scenario if inequality is not addressed in America. A sample: "Mitt Romney has said, in effect, 'I'm rich and I don't apologize for it.' Nobody wants you to, Mitt. What some of us want—those who aren't blinded by a lot of bullshit persiflage thrown up to mask the idea that rich folks want to keep their damn money—is for you to acknowledge that you couldn't have made it in America without America. That you were fortunate enough to be born in a country where upward mobility is possible, but where the channels making such upward mobility possible are being increasingly clogged." If King's ever looking for a new publisher, he might get along just swell with Tim O'Reilly, who a day earlier shared some personal reflections on news of Apple's Three Card Monte-like tax hustle, making the case for rich corporations to step up to the tax plate. 'We can be a happy family, who look after each other and create joy and possibility through being together,' O'Reilly wrote, 'or one that chooses to go our separate ways, and leaves a lot of happiness on the table.'
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Stephen King, Tim O'Reilly on Same Page on Taxes

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